The Confession of a Serial Monogamist      


A contemporary romance with more twists, turns and one-way streets than its Seattle setting.

After his wife dumps him, Andrew’s recovery is steered by his conspiratorial but clueless buddies, and by a younger and decidedly devious woman.

The way is strewn with one-night stands, online dating hell, and a near miss or two. Sometimes funny, often outrageous, Wink still manages to take a genuine look at the pain and indecision of divorce and what it takes to get back in the game.



The author's confession:

What happens when you have a story to tell that is so different from your other novels, and so much more overtly sexual? Answer: publish under a pen name and don't tell your father and mother.

Is this dishonest? I'm not sure. But I wanted to write a contemporary romance that WAS honest. That meant writing about the pain of divorce, the often strange and disappointing world of internet dating, and somehow finding both humor and pathos.

It also meant including explicit sex scenes and looking for the line that separates erotica from literary fiction. To find that line, I had to wade right in, leap over the boundary of good taste, then look behind to see where it was. I hope I succeeded and I hope none of my readers will be offended. Maybe I'll hear from them.

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Enjoy my beach read, Rusty