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Feeling Froggy?


So, another year ends, another year older, and we're all wondering if we're any wiser or richer. I learned a few things about book publishing this year, so I guess I can claim to be a tad wiser. Not so sure about richer in dollars and cents terms, but I'm definitely richer for all the praise and constructive criticism I've received this year, and for having reached a lot of readers, many more than I could have expected.

Taking Flight has been a huge success. It only began selling seriously in October, and after two "giveaway" Kindle promotions, each followed by strong sales, there are now over 45,000 copies out there.

The lion's share are Kindle eBook downloads, which should excite every new author reading this blog post, because it's no longer necessary to get a "big six" publisher to put your work out there. You can do it yourself, and you'll get read. Will you make a ton of money? Probably not, so don't quit your day job. But you will gain an audience for your novel and you will be richer for the experience.

Like most of you, I've been watching the circus we call Congress, as it prepares to do some fiscal cliff diving.

I think of the cliff like the ones I saw as a kid watching cartoons. 

Wile E. Coyote stands flat-footed on one side, and Road Runner perches ready-to-zip on the other. It's only a short distance to jump, but it's a long way down if you miss.

Members from each side of the House and Senate keep pussyfooting up to the edge. They take a look to see just how far down it is. Then they scurry back, as if that single short leap could kill them. Maybe someone from the other side will leap first, they think.

They bait each other, shout cat calls, anything to delay. But we all know they have to leap sometime. 

Self-publishing is like that too. There is only so much time you can waste dithering about spelling and grammar. There is only so much time you can wait hoping for an agent and a book deal. So if the story looks good, leap.

That's what I did recently. I'd been through a half-dozen complete edits, I'd run the manuscript past a few readers and made adjustments, and I'd sent it off for the final copyedit and cover design.


Now Silence After the Storm is up on Amazon. I put it there. It feels pretty good to see it, and though it will take time to build an audience, I had to take this first step to begin the process.

So, listen up, you writers and members of Congress... 

Get froggy and LEAP!




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