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Breaking Out #3

Hey, it worked! And better than I expected. Taking Flight climbed in Amazon Kindle Bestsellers to #18 for Women's Fiction, Domestic Life, #43 in Literary Fiction, and #876 overall. It's still up nicely on the charts and selling copies every day. 

What's even better is I've received some really nice reviews and emails thanking me for writing. I can't overemphasize how great that feels. I write because I love telling a story, but it's very sweet to hear total strangers say what it meant to them.


More than one reader said she hoped to see something more from me soon, so I've decided to publish my next novel in the next month or so. There's still some final editing to do, and I'm not ready to say much about it yet, but I'll tell you the title, Silence After the Storm. And to see if I can intrigue you, I'll include below the description that will appear on Amazon for Kindle and a map of Kat's Harbor where all the action takes place:



A five-hundred-acre island is a small place when its inhabitants are at odds and both inside and outside forces hem them in.


Roger Whitney needs to find forgiveness for past mistakes, both in and out of bed, but keeps making them.

Kit Wales needs a father, but another woman is in the way and her mother doesn't seem to care. She's got bigger problems, money problems, and no way to solve them except for a sketchy and dangerous plan that seems destined to backfire.

Then there's Joe, still back in Nam. Still looking for his buddy.

Sound interesting? Maybe a little mysterious? 

I hope so.


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